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Why Nintendo's lt Direct is a celebration of the indie movement

We have said it many times, the independent games keep the interactive medium fresh, they give variety, they serve a test bank for the great studies for new mechanics, they accommodate creativity from anywhere on the planet and from the most unusual origins. They are ultimately necessary for the industry and enrich us players, but also people. This w confirmed while we saw only a few hours ago the lt indie World, and then we earn it in detail.


Welcome to World Indie

The pt Indie World issued by Nintendo w a happy verification, a party, a celebration of all this. There are no limits to the scene, and ide arose without lock through very different games from each other, in a matter of mechanics, themes and artistic direction. The shown w, it should be, in the antipodes of the immobilize land of blockbusters and large companies, dams of millionaire budgets.

Let's make a quick review. Visual Games, with its three members of Indian origin, presented Venue , a culinary game, but also narrative, which tells us the difficulties of an Indian family that emigrates to the Canada of the 80s. In Goodbye Studio We were shown how complicated it is to make a video game by the hand of two protagonists, developers, who share a floor and have to look for a part-time job to support themselves while fighting to achieve their dream.

The couple that makes up the Cosmos Cat studio, is in love with the animation cinema. Tribute to the productions of the 90s with AKA , his calm hand painted game with which they intend to move us. In Coffee Talk Episode 2 We return to a cafeteria that opens up to the early hours of the morning, where curious characters will ps, each with a story to tell. Space for the Unbound tells us about the first teenage love and mixes it with mental powers

In the beautiful Gordon , with a graphic pect made to watercolor, we will accompany Mimi in search of his memories in the summers of childhood. Botany Manor puts us in the skin of a retired botanist who lives in a large mansion, where we will continue to take care of the plants until the end of our day.

One Upon to Jester is a tribute to street theater companies. The game is created by Bone Avoid, a small study made up of a group of friends who also like to improvise with their music band. And that is what they have tried to convey in the game. Blanc is made in black and white similating charcoal techniques, and tells us about the friendship between a wolverine and a Bernalillo. The couple Luk and Anne told us how in their game A Little to the Left transfer their interest in the home order and how this is occionally broken down by their cat, by their cat,

In a potpourri of several games, we were struck by the surrealist Wobble dogs ; Storyteller , where we will create our stories by combining elements on a notebook; World of horror , which will put us in the strange pages of a black and white manga; Curse of the Sea Rats , which can bot its excellent animation...

you can see, there are no expressive limits for the indie scene. The popularization of digital distribution multiplied the types of titles that reached motors, and were varied strange, curious, seoned and talented personalities took the video game a way of expressing themselves before the world. It is the greatness of the small, the special of the everyday, in short, it is a luck that we enjoy today more than ever.


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