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Should You Take The Boruta Pact In BlackTail?

Traveling through the mystical lands and forests of Blackmail, you will find many strange creatures. One of these people is Bout, a red devil who wants to conclude an agreement with you. The adoption of the Boru ta pact will give you one of three status effects for a limited time. However, keep in mind that they are associated with certain costs. This leadership will tell you whether you should accept or reject the Boru ta Pact in Blackmail.

All status effects of Boru ta Pact in Blackmail

As mentioned earlier, Bout is the devil that appears in random areas of the map.

It is easy to recognize by a bright red appearance and constant whistling. If you interact with Boru ta, he will offer you one of three status effects, each in the form of a riddle.


Players can accept or reject the offer. However, your decision regarding the Boru ta Pact does not affect your moral position. Below are three possible status effects provided by Boru ta in Blackmail: Choose your poison, choose it wisely, Wine is sour, sour wine. I will do this-for a while. The adoption of this contract cancels the effects of poison and regeneration. Close your teeth and tighten your muscles, The hunter's hand feels the pain of prey, Anyone who will harm the hunter, Now I have to give her only care. The adoption of this contract turns all incoming damage into healing, and all outgoing damage into self-repaid. Listen to me, listen, for I will say it once! Maybe twice, if you insist, Smart birds that deftly hunts It is unlikely that my gifts are ever disdained! The adoption of this contract gives you an unlimited amount of wooden arrows for a limited time. As you can see, almost every status effect of Boru ta has at the same time a positive and negative effect. We propose to abandon the Boru ta Pact, unless he offers a pact that gives an unlimited number of wooden arrows, which sometimes can change the rules of the game. Want to know if your progress is preserved after passing Blackmail? Check if there is a new game + in Blackmail? Right here in Pro Game Guides.


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