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Controversy Over Iceo Games and Shinniki Developer: Issues with Inorganic Mi-mi Developer


The controversy is spreading as Ice Games, the developer of the beautiful girl tower defense game 'Inorganic Kiddo', is the same development company as the developer of Shinning, a developer of 'Shiningniki', which caused the controversy over the Northeast process in 2020.

The controversy was triggered by the prizes of the 'Mizar is Mid'. We have held several events that have been prizes such as fan art applications, and this is the reason that duplicate winners have come out. The users demanded an explanation, and the management side explained that the duplicate winners came out during the random level. At the same time, the users eventually acted as a consistent high-pressure attitude, such as deleting the protests of users. He decided to report directly to the headquarters IN Games.

But in the process, it was unexpectedly revealed. It is a suspicion that In Games is the same development company as the paper game. There are several reasons why users have judged to be IN Games = Paper Games. The first is the Korean address of the two game companies. The address of Sui Korea and Paper Games Korea, which is servicing 'Inorganic Mid' in Korea, showed a perfect match to the lake of the lake in Jungle, Seoul, , floors .

Sui Korea's address was renewed to , Jungle, Seoul, but the suspicion is getting bigger in that the address has changed immediately after the controversy.

This is not only this. The two game companies 'headquarters' number of Chinese headquarters coincides with 021--0012, and the CBT image source of China's in the past was paper game. The allegations of users are changing to conviction as they match the match.

As these suspicions grow, the voice of users who call for explanation is also growing in the official café. On the other hand, in a call with the tory, the public relations agency said, We are confirming the suspicions that have occurred, and there is no part that can be answered right now.


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