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Explore All Collectibles of Life Display and Their Locations to Increase Chais Maximum Health in Hi-Fi Rush

Gathering life ads increases Chief optimum health in Hi-fi rush and makes it more durable in the long run.


It is possible without playing the upgrades, however they will intentionally paralyze, for little or no outcomes. To make it much easier for the thighs, discover all positions of the life display in this handbook. Let's begin without more ado.

Track 1: A clean slate

  • Life Gauge Piece # 1-After you have actually left the hallway and followed the scene in which the cat buddy 808 changes shape after getting in touch with you, go left and look right for a door. You will discover the screen inside before satisfying Smudge.
  • Life Gauge Piece # 2-After you have actually received the VLOG, keep climbing up the ramps and seek to the left prior to jumping onto the roofing. Utilize the upper edge to leap and prevent two times to reach the next display screen.
  • Life Gauge Piece # 3-Go in the very same room as VLOG 5 with the raised lift to the conveyor belt of the upper level.

You will find the ad behind the containers.

Track 2: Turn on

  • Life Gauge Piece # 4-If you move to the high shaft of the catwalks, utilize the platform to succeed and try to find moving containers. Get on them and ride them to the covert catwalk with gears. From here, use the little box to get to the roofing system beams at the top in the space and discover the lifestyle hidden there.
  • Life Gauge Piece # 5-you reach the pointer by blowing the valves with peppermint and the 2nd shop kiosk. Want to the left and communicate with a treasure chest robot to grab the advertisement.
  • Life Gauge Piece # 6-End the under quest at the end of the area to receive the advertisement. Follow the catwalks from the place of the treasure robotic to reach the big result. Talk to the cleansing robot on the go to get a demand to terrify away the pigeons nearby. Use peppermint to press the birds away. The first pigeon rests on a box of box right next to the robotic. The 2nd rests on a turquoise tube behind the position of the very first bird, right next to the wall. The last pigeons sit at the top of the yellow struts, so precisely in the middle of the exit.

Track 3: Trial by (Volcanic Fire).

  • Life Gauge Piece # 1-Jump over to the Magmafelsen platforms and look down to the bottom right to discover a treasure chest bot. Open it by finishing the mini-game.
  • Life Gauge Piece # 2-Bounce outside the test space 3 on the wall behind the receptionist and then over to the glass box. Now utilize the green pipes to succeed edge in the corner of the space, where the screen is located.
  • Life Gauge Piece # 3-After you have left the test labs through the rope slide and let yourself fall down, reverse and climb the ship container platform where you can gather a manometer piece.

Track 4: Less budget plan, more problems.

  • Life Gauge Piece # 1-You can find it on a ship container platform after driving the rope slide. Jump on the roofing system prior to entering the AI lab to get the piece.
  • Part No. 2 of the life display-you will discover a display at the foot of the space behind the circuit. Come down the lower edge directly on the Lava level.
  • Life Gauge Piece # 3-You will come across a huge projection by Heinz throughout the AR Laboratory sequence in the Lava cavity. If you enter the area, you ought to discover the display on the left.

Track 5: break out.

  • Life Gauge Piece # 1-in the room with two strong cylinders. Go to the 2nd cylinder and reach the platform behind it. You can jump to another covert upper platform that contains the display screen.
  • Life Gauge Piece # 2-on Route 01, at the upper end of the fire wall course. When you leave the platform onslaught that contains the racetrack, Part No. 3 of the life display-you will be rewarded with the advertisement.


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