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Is it Worth Upgrading Your 5-Year-Old Cell Phone with Professional Accessories?


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2 lenses are okay, the other 2 low-grade

What exists? The processing is actually well done as well as the lenses feel useful, yet rely upon plastic closures Canon and also Sigma additionally do this for high-quality designs for DSLR electronic cameras I obtain a lot of devices for the price of 40 euros: in enhancement to the lenses, there is also a tripod, a cleansing towel as well as a protective box What is great about the upgrade? Primarily, the telephoto lens is to be made use of Things can be focused and information, such as the street sign on the other side, can be enlarged well For common images, nevertheless, a quiet hand is needed On top of that, the images on the brink are slightly indistinct On the lens itself, nonetheless, you can quickly recreate the intensity I am pleasantly shocked by the wide-angle lens This fits the image much more which is actually an enhancement to my mobile phone The picture remains sharp with fairly and also everything is clearly well-known This is a plus for the set What's bad? The macro lens is ordinary The details are sharp and also good, yet the surrounding location becomes extremely quick Below I am currently far better off with my normal mobile phone camera The very same puts on the fish eye lens The pictures run out focus, appearance instead unpleasant total and also work even more or much less well with my cellular phone Directly, I can do little with fish eye anyhow On the cellular phone it looks more like a worse wide-angle lens

after 10 minutes I packed the points once again

Is it worth the upgrade? No, the money was ineffective for me The only really great component is the wide-angle lens, yet I do not pay 40 euros in the general collection The others are good or perhaps second-rate On my contrast photos (with and also without lens) you can additionally see exactly how strong the difference is As well as in many cases it is merely ineffective in my eyes Yes, they work, yet the old photo sensing unit of my cell phone is no much longer much far better due to a brand-new lens In my eyes this is a good trick, but nothing more Especially if you currently have a genuine cam in your home and can take images with it Does this use to all products now? Such objects for cellular phone do not always need to misbehave With a mix plan like this, you can argue: What should you anticipate if each objectively sets you back 10 euros? Some manufacturers use dramatically better products for a higher rate I bought an extra costly macro-single lens from Apexes for my cellular phone out of interest (rate around 40 euros) This is dramatically much better than the cheap parts, yet the photos are not sensationally better You see a noticeable distinction, however if you really hope for a considerable improvement, you will certainly be just as disappointed as I do I activate a setting on every cell phone-that's why you should do it

Some manufacturers use devices such as lenses for the mobile phone Mango editor Benedict Schliemann got such a collection and also wished to discover out whether it deserved it In the long run he is pretty let down Among the most crucial attributes of a modern mobile phone is a great electronic camera today Yet above all take images due to the fact that many no longer just use the cell phone to make calls or video gaming Frequently, an upgrade to a newer cellular phone is commonly rewarding because the built-in cams simply get better as well as better I additionally have a cell phone that is getting old My Galaxy Note 9 is already older as well as I didn't want to buy a brand-new mobile phone for a lot of money Rather, I bought such an established with essays and lenses The cost is around 40 euros Preview | Product | Examination | Price | ---|---|---|---|--- | Selim cellular phone lens set lens established 22x telephoto lens, 25x macro lens, 0.62 x broad angle,... | 6,795 reviews | 39.99 EUR 31.99 EUR | To Amazon.


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